Barceloning in the Cathedral of Girona

Barceloning in the Cathedral of Girona

Barceloning has produced for Palacios y Museos a wine glass lampshade illustrated with a detail of the stained-glass window of the artist Sean Scully, installed in July 2011.

The Cathedral of Santa María de Girona was started in the XI century in Romanesque style and culminated in Gothic style with successive Baroque contributions. It has the widest Gothic nave in the world, surpassed in the Baroque period of only three meters by the nave of the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome. In its interior there are stained glass windows of different periods and styles, among which the stained glass window of the north facade inaugurated in July 2011 stands out

The place where the current stained glass window is located remained bricked up for 400 years. After recovering the Gothic tracery in original stone, the current stained-glass window of the artist Sean Scully was installed. The work of abstract character is composed of horizontal and vertical sections that are integrated using the colors present in the other stained glass windows of the cathedral.

The Irish-born American artist Sean Scully, with an extensive international career, holds work studies in New York, Barcelona and Munich.
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