150 years since the birth of Puig i Cadafalch

150 years since the birth of Puig i Cadafalch

Josep Puig i Cadafalch is one of the greatest exponents of modernist architecture in Catalonia.
He was born on October 17, 1867 in the town of Mataró, close to Barcelona. As an architect, historian, politician and cultural promoter -a great scholar in Romanesque art- he was one of the most remarkable Catalan personalities of the 20th century, a key piece of modernism and noucentisme.
Catalan modernism is defined as an attitude of renewal in favor of modernity. It is claimed through the modernization of forms after inspiration in nature, awareness of Catalan identity and the use of new materials.

Among the main works of Puig i Cadafalch during his modernist period are a some buildings in Barcelona such as Casa Amatller, Casa Martí, Casa Macaya, Barón de Quadras Palace, Casaramona Factory (now Caixaforum Foundation) and especially the Casa de les Punxes or Casa Terradas.

Casa de les Punxes is a modernista-style mansion/castle with a strong influence of medieval European Gothic. Visiting Casa de les Punxes means delighting yourself with its wonderful architecture, being fascinated by its hidden history and discovering the brilliant architect who created it. But not only that, it also allows you to know about the history of Catalonia, to learn from Catalan modernism and the legend of Sant Jordi, to whom part of the visit is dedicated.

After the opening to the public as a Museum in November 2016, in Barceloning we have designed and produced a series of gift items inspired by Casa de les Punxes such as notebooks, candle holders, T-shirts, silk scarves, jewelery among others based them all on the images of this architectural gem.

We will soon introduce on our website our Barceloning products inspired by Casa de les Punxes, on sale exclusively at the Museum’s shop


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